My 6 Step Strategy on How To Make Money Online 🔥

My 6 Step Strategy on How To Make Money Online 🔥
My 6 Step Strategy on How To Make Money Online 🔥

My 6 Step Strategy on How To Make Money Online 🔥

Today we will talk about the right strategy to start the online business We will know the calculated risks and if I have to start an online business, what all strategies I will use Hi Guys, My name is Brajkishor I am in the online business since 2015. 

I have worked on blogs, apps, youtube, social media, freelancing, ads I have tried many things and I have seen failures too So on the basis of my experience, I will tell you my strategy for taking a calculated risk I will also tell my real the example at the end.

Don't Quit An Existing Job

The first strategy is: Don't quit an existing job Whether it is studies or a full-time job, don't quit it for an online job You have to take out some time side by side

Research Interested Idea And Project

The second step is to do research in those ideas and projects, you are interested in You to have to do 2-weeks research for 1-2 hours every day So you have to study the researched and about the people who have worked on that field before For example, you are interested in blogging, so you have to look through the people who are involved in blogging. 

You have to study on the time they took to start over, the efforts they put in, the previous knowledge they had The previous experiences they had, the money invested by them and the workforce they had The area they were situated, the background they had The time is taken to earn a profit, the competition they are having. 

The changes they had to make, so all these things you need to within 2 weeks So always do 2-week research on the topic you are interested For example, you are interested in blogging, digital marketing, freelancing or youtube So these are the topics on which you have to do research for up to 2 weeks. 

Then I will do narrow down, I do not need to do all 4 things, I can focus on only one thing So I will look at my knowledge and interest I will look whether I can invest in it or not, For example, I liked the idea of developing an app, so I will look at the resources If I don't have the knowledge of coding, so can I hire someone? 

If I hire someone it will cost ₹1-2 lakh and I don't have that money so how will I hire If I want to do marketing, so again it will cost ₹1-2 lakh So I drop that idea and I see what all things I can do with the resources I am having You also have to narrow down your option such as youtube or blogging and catch anyone idea that you want

Narrow Down

Once you are able to narrow down, you can do its executions For execution whenever you have to start you must have 7-30 days of free time You must not start when you are having to exist exams or a job You must always start when you are having free time. 

You are having vacations after your exams or in the job, you are having free time You have to give a minimum of 8 hours in that work You will develop a base in your work The the base is very important, whether you are making the home or business So in these 30 days. 

Your base will develop, So you will put in all your efforts to develop the base for blogging as to how you have to use hosting or templates Themes and plugins you have to use and update So every important task has to done within 30 days, it also includes doing keyword research. 

So our third step is complete and we have set up the base We released the app and set up the blogging, we set up the Shopify store and also complete the youtube channel setup We put up basic videos on the channel and niches and completed the keyword research, so our third step is complete.

Continue Reading The Reviews And Continue Doing Modifications

Coming onto the fourth step, that we moved onto our basic routines and jobs Now every week we have to give 5-6 hours to your work Whether you give 1hour daily or 3 hours on Saturday or Sunday So you have to give 6 hours every week. 

Whether you are blogging, so you should continue writing articles If you are making apps, so continue reading the reviews and continue doing modifications Continue reading about ads and keep making videos for your channel, you can make 2 videos within 6 hours Keep researching on dropshipping, keep learning about advertising. 

So you have to follow this for the next 6 months is a long time but you have to do it because in the online business majority of them don't have quick results Exceptions are always there Majority of them can take time People get trapped, who are those? They are the ones who don't know the time it will take. 

They have the tendency to expect the results within 1 month I will tell you from my experience and from every other person I have met I am telling you from their experience too, that it will take time.

You have to do this for at least 6 months So now your 6 months are over and you worked for 6 hours You wrote articles, you learned from things, and then you started to progress step by step Now you have to take a gap.

Take A Gap

Whether it is for 7 days or 30 days, take minimum 7 days gap to re-strategize You have to check your wrong traffic, the things that are working out or not Whether it is up to your interests, or can you work in this field full time or not So you will re-strategize for the next 6 months, as to what you have to do. 

You will do keyword research, you will outsource You will do marketing and you will make your strategy again, so all these things will happen during this time Now when you have actual data, as to what is working and what is not working, so it will be easy to make strategies So, in the fifth step, I re-strategize.

Same As The Fourth Step

The sixth step is again the same as the fourth step, where you have to work for 6 hours and you have to invest your time for the next months You have to learn, you have to create content and a minimum of 6 hours is required. 

You have to continue this process unless you are able to see growth in it So you need to wait for the moment No one knows, when it is, it can be for 1 month, 1 year or 5 years. 

So you have to wait for this moment along with the main job, as a side hustle When Jio came, it became the turning point for internet entrepreneurs Many YouTubers became famous at this moment Many bloggers emerged from our country. 

My app also become famous during this time, when a large number of people had internet access in India So the period of Jio was the moment for the development of internet entrepreneurs Same it has happened in youtube It has been 1 year while making content on youtube. 

Recently I have got a small window that is during lockdown where people are interested in watching the videos So I put the majority of my focus on youtube and I have regularly started uploading youtube videos If I was a full-time YouTuber, this must have been a moment to strategize my actions.

I could have attained a sky level growth at this moment But since my work is different, I am not targetting a major growth Whatever I wanted, I have achieved it, and now I have returned back to my normal routines. 

So this was a moment When PUBG came, it was a moment for gamers There was a trend of youtube gamers, there were popular gaming blogs Many people took advantage of that moment So you have to wait for such moments. 

You have to be constant in your efforts and definitely moments like that would come Like, you were working on TikTok Suddenly the audience started increasing, so you gave a thought on working full time to turn this to your moment You took a gap and you again put your focus on TikTok. 

So you have to wait and that is how things will work out So this is my strategy Work for 6 months and re-strategize and waits for the moment And when that moment comes, you put all your focus on it This is what I call calculated risk, where I haven't left anything. 

Where I didn't leave my studies or graduation or masters I completed my studies and I didn't compromise my relationships, because whatever I was doing what I wanted And in sideways. 

I was also doing my business And whenever I got the moment, whether it was blogging, or apps or freelancing or youtube, I tried to take that opportunity So if you like these kinds of posts, hit follow the blog.

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