Best Ideas to Make Extra Money Online Work From Home Jobs

Best Ideas to Make Extra Money Online Work From Home Jobs
Best Ideas to Make Extra Money Online Work From Home Jobs

Best Ideas to Make Extra Money Online Work From Home Jobs

Today I will tell you the ideas by which you can earn money online Hi Guys, My Name is Brajkishor I will tell about some ideas, which I think would be helpful if you want to do online earnings The chances of getting higher traffic on these ideas are high when compared to other ideas. 

So you can use these ideas to make apps, in youtube, blogs So I am giving you general topics which are in trend and which would be helpful in future If you are planning to start an online business or a side hustle which can pay off within a year. 

So this is the best time to work on those topics So before I start let me make you clear that I am not going to tell you that through this you will earn faster If you want to see that post, you can read it the next day. 

Where I have talked about Fiverr But if you are thinking to start something in around 1-2 years of time If you have time to start over on those things. 

So you can start over your business now on those topics You can build your business on those topics You will get good traffic and in the future, you can monetize it So the first method is the Stock Market Nowadays the market is volatile If you are in the stock market, Intraday you can earn revenue, if you know it. 

If you don't know to take the index funds if you have no idea about index fund then research about mutual funds This is a good time if you want to invest it for 3 years I have also invested in Index Funds, I have shortlisted active funds. 

I have shortlisted funds for travel and leisure activities like PVR, Inox, Indigo and Spicejet Flights, IRCTC And whenever I think the market is on the rise, I will invest then for 2-3 years Now I am not saying that you should also invest here You can do your own research and look in your time horizons. 

So if you want to learn investment in stock markets, this is the right time Next topic is related to entertainment If you can do something related to the entertainment industry For eg: TikTok, there is a good market on TikTok. 

If you have time, you can make videos and make trends and see how can you monetize it according to the latest trends in future Likewise, if you do App Development It is a good time for casual games. 

So if you can quickly make a casual game within 1-2 weeks then you can release it If you have an existing game then start promoting it through ads You can also do entertainment on Youtube, You can make a gaming channel. 

People have lots of time so they watch gaming channels and they like it If you have some interesting poems, stories and you can share it on youtube so this is a good time for it Second is Cooking, If you are interested in Cooking You can work on cooking blogs (cooking blogs will take time to get traffic). 

So instead of blogs, Youtube Channel is good But Youtube Channel has competition, so you will have to start with a niche like Healthy Food or Tasty Cooking People are unable to go out and they are having food cravings for Dominos Pizza or Burger Cravings So you can tell a solution to end those cravings on your youtube channel. 

So in this manner, you can work on your cooking channel, make android apps for your recipe You can tell "How to" SImple Guides and Cooking tips, So cooking would be a good field this time Next is Fitness Lets first talk about workouts and gym in fitness. 

Their trend was increasing, but I think its trend will increase further Slowly people are learning about the importance of immunity People are getting conscious about fitness and exercise if you are in the field fo workouts, you can invest in the field whether in the youtube channel or an app Even in TikTok, you can give health tips to people. 

So this is a good time to work in the fitness field Likewise, you can also work on meditation tips, this is also a good niche Yoga is another good niche I haven't seen competition in this field, People learn from India. 

You can do many things in yoga, whether it is apps or websites Youtube or TikTok and I think the best platform other than youtube is TikTok You can make tips on it and it is good for creating the audience at the start and then you can shift to youtube. 

So all the ideas I am sharing, it is not necessary that you implement them in youtube or apps only You can start from TikTok You can make workout videos, health, and cooking tips on TikTok, TikTok will be an easy platform for you to start with Next, if you are in lockdown you can work on many things.

You can create video topics for Youtube Clean with me, Learn with me, Planting with me, Study with me If you are interested in drawing, then you can make videos for Draw with Me So whatever you are doing in this time in these 1-2 months, start making a series on it. 

So whatever you do, you are telling the world what you are doing Nowadays its on-trend in youtube #withme So if you are in lockdown, this is a good time to build your audience Don't think about monetization This is the time to build your audience. 

You can build your audience in trending topics Lastly, I would like to talk on a broad topic, i.e education If you can make education-related videos on youtube, TikTok or apps This is the right time because people have time so they can access it easily. 

And you can market that easily for a less price and provide advertisements for it So these were the ideas on which you can work on it.

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